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Our Retreat House History 



ONE OF ABBOT JOSEPH’S major projects was the construction of new retreat facilities. After consulting with architects, raising funds, generous donations, and four years of construction, the facilities were completed in the summer of 1995. The Retreat House of St. Benedict’s continues to host Centering Prayer and other group and private retreats, serving as the spiritual home for those seeking to deepen their practice and prayer life.

The Retreat House elevation is about 8,000 feet. During the summer months, daytime temperatures are nor­mally in the 70s, with afternoon showers always a possibility.  Night temperatures can dip into the 40s and 50s.  In winter we may have snow, and day temperatures may reach the 30s or 40s, while evening tem­peratures may dip well be­low freezing.  Sub-zero temperatures are rare but possible. The monastery is approximately ¾ of a mile from the Retreat House. 

Images of Hermitages & Rooms: 

Main Retreat House:

The main retreat house features four private rooms each with a full bath, with a double bed, and can be double occupancy and beautiful views of Mt. Sopris. In the retreat house, there is also a prayer room, a small library, the main kitchen (only used by group retreats), and a sitting area. 

Private Hermitages:

In addition to the retreat house, there are eight private hermitages located along the hillside above the retreat house. These spaces offer great solitude and silence. They include a kitchenette and a sun deck, with beautiful mountain views. All hermitages have a studio-like space, with two single beds, and can be double occupancy. The Gate House is the only Hermitage with three separate bedrooms.

Please note: There is NO WIFI or Internet access on the Monastery property. Likewise, there is no cell signal once you leave Capitol Creek Rd, or in some cases, when you leave Rte 82. There are some phones available for use in the Main retreat House with a calling card.

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You are welcome to participate in the liturgy with the Monks

    Sunday ~ 8:15 AM Mass

Monday - Saturday ~ 7:30 AM Lauds & Mass

                          7:00 AM Vespers

Vigils are currently closed


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